Monday, March 31, 2008

"Everyone Hates Us"

How many times have your heard this: "The problem with the US is everyone in the world hates us." It's a common mantra. Have you ever stopped to think about exactly who is "everyone" that hates us?

Maybe a few of the leaders in North Korea hate us. I wonder how many common folks in N. Korea hate us? (See the "Ps.", below.)

Maybe a few of the leaders in Iran hate us. I wonder how many of the US schooled students hate us? (See the "Ps.", below.)

Maybe a few of the leaders in China hate us. I wonder how many common Chinese hate us? (Ask someone who's traveled to China. See the "Ps.", below.)

Maybe a few of the leaders in Russia hate us. I wonder how many common Russians hate us? (See the "Ps.", below.)

France? I don't think so.
Canada? I don't think so.
Mexico? I don't think so.
England? I don't think so.
Australia? I don't think so.
New Zealand? I don't think so.
Scotland? I don't think so.
Germany? I don't think so.
Spain? I don't think so?
South Korea? I don't think so.
Japan? I don't think so.
... and on and on!

So who are these haters? It seems to me that those in the "everyone hates America" group are the one's that seemingly either don't have a clue as to what is happening in the world today or they are terribly envious. (Remember in high school: Who did YOU hate? Maybe it was the most successful person or the most attractive person or the person with the best car or most friends ... or the smartest kid in the school. Sound familiar?)

So maybe the next time you hear "Everyone Hates The US," pin them down: WHO is "everyone" and after they rattle off a list of haters, ask why. Listen to the list of nonsensical answers and relate them you your high school experiences ... it's just about the same thing, except on a worldwide scale.

"Everyone Hates America:" I don't think so!

Ps: If those in the "hate the US" countries got even the slightest chance to safely come to America, what do you think they'd do?

Pretty obvious, isn't it?


Adamm said...

I'm not sure that everyone hates America, but plenty of people hate Bush. Did you hear them booing the heck out of Dubya as he threw the first pitch at the Mets game on Sunday?

Anonymous said...

Do you just make this stuff up as you go? Who says that everyone hate US?

Roger Daisley said...

Try Googling the phrase "hate the US." I got 78,900 listings.

Adamm, you are right, not everyone hates the US, but many stupid people seem to think so. Like the old "whispering in the ear" that we did in grade school, by the time a few poorly chosen remarks make the rounds, it becomes gospel. Sad.

Not being as tuned in to current non-speak as you, I had to Google "Dubya." Again, it just shows how many believe name-calling replaces intelligent statements.

I see a very interesting parallel: I used to be on the Board of Directors for a large housing association. (12,000 residents) Since moving from that place, I still keep up with what's going on via their on-line newspaper. (I write occasional articles regarding alternative energy) As times get tougher for the residents, not because of any particular failure of their own, a few have singled out a scapegoat to blame and vent their anger on. Guess who: The Manager! He and his organization are being accused of lying, cheating, bribing and whatever misstep-dejour that comes to mind.

Roger Daisley said...

Anon: Do I make this stuff up? Ha! No, there is plenty of "stuff" to comment on without making it up.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...Did you have a point?

Talk about the kettle calling the pot black. You "whisper" that "The problem with the US is everyone in the world hates us", saying it's a "common mantra". It that true? I agree with adamm, many people, in the US and abroad, sure dislike Bush. But I forget, those people are "stupid".

Maybe you can comment of this: Try Googling "Santa Claus", I got 1 million five hundred thousand hits, so Santa must be real. Now who is living in a fantasy world?

Roger Daisley said...

kANON: First, thank you for your interest, but this isn't about "Santa Claus."

Speaking of Santa Claus, it seems to me that many liberal politicians think the governmant is "Santa Claus" and can gives to everyone what they want. It doesn't seem to matter whether they can afford it or deserve it.

Jacqueline said...

Anon: So, what analogy are you making with the Bush and Santa statement? Are you claiming that since one is fantasy the other must be? Or if one is fact the other must be likewise? The statement makes no sense.

Why do you disclaim the fact that 'some people' hate America; especially since this 'hatred' predates the Bush Administration? Maybe it’s just easier for the uninformed to place our troubles with the America haters all on our current President’s shoulders.

Franklin Roosevelt was president in December 1941 when Pearl Harbor was attacked. This was not just an ‘oops’ by the Japanese.

The Cuban crises occurred during the Kennedy presidency. Now why would Castro aim missiles at the US? Maybe you consider such a threat as just fun and games.

The attack on the Pueblo occurred in 1968 during the Johnson presidency.

The USS Cole was attacked during Clinton's presidency.

The first attempt on the World Trade Center was also during Clinton's administration.

Several attacks on our soil have been thwarted since George Bush took office; or don’t you listen to the news?

So, how many examples will you need to understand that this ‘hatred of America’ is not unique to the Bush administration? Every administration has had its share of ‘haters’. The ‘who or what’ segment of our society varies according to which party is in power. There are countries who dislike the US today but will be best ‘buds’ tomorrow and then enemies again the day after that. I feel that this is the nature of the fickle human race.

The war is not just between the US and the Islamic fanatics. It did not start when George Bush took office. It has been going on for years. There are many things I do not like about George Bush’s policies but he has been steadfast in his beliefs and does not waiver like so many other politicians. He has withstood the onslaught of criticism from the uneducated and ignorant who would believe whatever is popular at the time.

Unfortunately we have a generation of individuals who have lost site of the real issue. We are fighting a war not of our choosing. How long must the lion withstand the abuse before it turns and bites its abuser?

Those who do not study (and understand) history are doomed to repeat it. I pray that’s not where this (once was and hopefully will be again) great country is headed.

Anonymous said...

There you go again. I repeat: Do you just make this stuff up as you go? I did not say "everyone hates the US", I did not say that everyone says that. YOU did. What I AM saying is that you will make up anything that somehow supports your twisted perception of reality. YOU are the whispering name caller. Got any facts to back your words up? Naw, just blame the "Santa" liberals. Conservatives would NEVER line their pockets or the pockets of their friends. Some people are great talkers, not so good at listening. They wont address an issue, just name call and change the subject. Boring. Bye.

Martha said...

I am from Australia and my family goes overseas twice a year. Each year I ask my parents if we can go to the United States and they always say 'no way'. My dad spent a year there after university and said the people were just rude, loud, obsessed with themselves and that now it would be even worse because of increasing religious fundamentalism and George W Bush.

I have not come across an Australian in my life who has responded favourably to the United States being brought up. It's considered a bit of a joke here. But hey, McCain says your best days are ahead of you..

Roger Daisley said...

And a G'day to you Martha ... and thank you for your comment and Aussie insight. I have visited Australia and find it a very nice place. Your people are friendly, work hard and are fun to be around. As you well know, Australians are a very "rough & tumble" group and pride themselves in being "different." I served in the military, in Viet Nam, with many Aussie pilots. They were reliable and always ready to take whatever risks were required of them.

Having visited Australia and working with Aussie people, I have formed a favorable opinion.

I might suggest that you are being shielded from the "Real US" by your parents. Please keep and open mind and do a little research on your own regarding the US as a desirable place to live. Like your country, our people are friendly and fun to be around. Our “Hollywood types” frequently give us a bad rap … 99.99% of the US is NOT like that. We’re family orientated, work hard … and like a beer once in a while.

We have a big problem with many people sneaking into the US illegally. Very few, of any, sneak OUT! That might tell you something.

Most universities in the US are populated by far-left professors. A short visit to a university in the US might lead a person to jump to conclusions regarding how well we're doing.

Does the US have serious current problems? Yes ... For sure, just like every country does, from time to time. Is the US a great country? Yes ... For sure, just as Australia is. We count on your support and you can count on ours.

Regards, Roger