Wednesday, November 19, 2008

"Obama Said This ... Obama Said That ..."

It's time - actually well past time - to drop all the tiring "Obama said this ... Obama said that ... " rhetoric and useless emails.
It's no surprise to me that I'm still getting many emails pointing out real and phony, truthful and untruthful statements and actions concerning Barack Obama: That's all history now and has no useful purpose in resurrecting a broken government.
Now is the time to support our new President-elect. It's going to be a near super-human task for Obama to run this government, never mind all the usual and customary over-the-top promises he (and the other candidate) made. A right thinking individual, hopefully, never voted on the "pie-in-the-sky" talk. (I wish that were true, but I know far too many never saw through the wool.)
So, save the electrons and just delete all the "new discoveries (fill in the blank) regarding Obama."
Now IS the time to report on what the new President actually does and how those action relate to the betterment of our country. Some folks will agree with those actions ... and some will not. That IS what we should be discussing, not: "What Obama is trying to cover up."
Wish Obama Great Luck ... he's going to need all he can get.