Wednesday, November 19, 2008

"Obama Said This ... Obama Said That ..."

It's time - actually well past time - to drop all the tiring "Obama said this ... Obama said that ... " rhetoric and useless emails.
It's no surprise to me that I'm still getting many emails pointing out real and phony, truthful and untruthful statements and actions concerning Barack Obama: That's all history now and has no useful purpose in resurrecting a broken government.
Now is the time to support our new President-elect. It's going to be a near super-human task for Obama to run this government, never mind all the usual and customary over-the-top promises he (and the other candidate) made. A right thinking individual, hopefully, never voted on the "pie-in-the-sky" talk. (I wish that were true, but I know far too many never saw through the wool.)
So, save the electrons and just delete all the "new discoveries (fill in the blank) regarding Obama."
Now IS the time to report on what the new President actually does and how those action relate to the betterment of our country. Some folks will agree with those actions ... and some will not. That IS what we should be discussing, not: "What Obama is trying to cover up."
Wish Obama Great Luck ... he's going to need all he can get.


Tony said...

Hear, hear. Campaign is history and even though Newsmax is still trying to convince their loonie that Obama isn't a US citizen I'm looking forward. So far so good, though I'm a little disappointed in the number of Washington veterans. However in lift of the current woes we face I'm not so sure it's the time foe a bunch of newbies running around learning the ropes. I think his economic team is outstanding, I'm happy to see Gates stay on as SOD and it's going to be interesting having Hillary as SOS. AG nod is solid as well. I truly believe the group is going to hit the ground running. As we're all well aware there's no time to waste.

Roger Daisley said...

I agree with the prior commenter: "I truly believe the group is going to hit the ground running."

My only question is: WHICH WAY?

Based upon revelations of the past forty-eight hours, I think a few may be hiding under their desks or standing in a very long line buying tickets to Timbuktu. (Was that President-elect Barack Obama’s chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel trying to cut the line?)

There is little doubt in my mind that we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg, not only in the political arena, (There was plenty of warning!) but in the financial world, too.

Just now, as I am writing, we are learning the details about Bernard Madoff's (former chairman of the Nasdaq Stock Market) alleged $50 Bi - Bi - Billion Ponzi fraud! This morning, he was arrested and lead off in handcuffs. Won’t that will be a "big relief" for all the investors that stand to lose everything in the largest Ponzi scheme in US history!

I TRULY hope that the new President-Elect's skirts are clean and not soiled, as others have been when dipped in the Chicago-style "Change." I hope he is more tuned-in to what is going on around him when he takes office, you see, he said he didn’t see any wrongdoing with Rev. Wright, Bill Ayres and now “Hot Rod.” Reminds me of a James Bond movie” “Eye Wide Shut.”

Is this a Democrat/Republican or a Conservative/Liberal issue? NO, it isn't - its about "Good Guys’ vs. Bad Guys’ - about Honest vs. Dishonest - Right from Wrong - Trustfulness vs. Distrustful lying and cheating. It's about getting something for nothing or getting something, no matter who gets hurt.

That's what it's all about!

Hang on to your hat, folks: It’s going to be a rough ride!

Tony Karais said...

Rough isn't the word. It's going to be horrible. Yah, that $50B scam, isn't that wonderful? Why aren't more of these guys going to prison. I say this somewhat seriously, I can't believe there aren't riots in the street and some of these CEO's and Wall Street honchos being dragged out and strung up. It goes beyond criminal what they've done. At least the CEO of Merrill Lynch withdrew his request for a $10M bonus. The fact that he even had the gall to ask for it is incredulous. Obviously these guys still don't get it.

As far as Obama goes I do believe he's "clean", or whatever word you wish to use. The Ayers thing is overblown beyond interesting, Ayers finally broke his silence in a piece in the NYT. Basically says he barely knows the guy (Obama) and they have no relationship which is what people in the know were saying. Palin was not in the know!

Let's try to have a Merry Christmas and enjoy family and friends and then have reality hit us again in the new year!