Sunday, October 26, 2008

Big Pink Elephant

Looks like there is a "Big Pink Elephant" right in the middle of the current Presidential "Debates and Dialogs" ... and no one wants to see it!

What ever happened to all the talk about illegal immigration, the rush across our southern border and all the associated problems? Has that problem gone away ... I don't think so!

Not a word about it!

Can it be that no candidate wants to "offend" a possible voter ... likely!

So here we have two potential US and world leaders babbling back and forth about nonsense items and promising the silly and impossible. All the while, the masses are streaming into our country, virtually at will.

This morning, I watched one of the few TV shows I like: "CBS News Sunday Morning." There was a very "interesting" segment on health care in the US and other countries. It raved over what a great medical system the French have. It seems in France, any legal French citizen can have care for free ... the government pays all the bills. (Note the word "legal!")

Near the end of the French Connection, it very quickly pointed out the the French system was running an annual deficit of over TEN BILLION US dollars and the "some changes were going to have to be made!" So much for the enviable French medical system.

In pointing out the financial problems with US health care and, in particular, US hospitals, it was NEVER mentioned EVEN ONCE that much of the problem was due to illegal aliens using our health care system for free. One doctor did, however, admit that people with health insurance "probably" were being charged more to offset those that didn't pay.

Great: Income Redistribution at work! (Like ... we need more of this?)

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