Monday, November 23, 2009



In my opinion, this bru-ha-ha over the terrorists trials in NYC will end up being our "Well-Spoken-Community-Organizer's" Waterloo. Surely, no one, even on first hearing about this dumb-headed decision, would doubt how stupid this is!

Today, it is being reported that the Terrorists have stated they will use the trial as a forum to tell why they brought down the WTC.

Excuse me: Tell WHY they did it? Why they killed 2000+ people?

One other "minor complication:" There is little doubt that someone will make a threat against NYC during this trial. (Dah ...!) The government has few choices in response, but one that is #1 on the list is to screen EVERYONE coming into the city. This means an airport type inspection at every port of entry: Every train; Every bus; Every subway; Every car; Every walk-in person! Need anyone explain the ramifications of this?

It is EXACTLY what everyone has been saying: DO NOT HOLD THE TRIALS IN NEW YORK CITY! Kapish? (Google it!)

Footnote: This whole thing is so obviously an asinine decision that, god help us, the dumb-asses will realize they screwed-up BigTime and will finesse their way out of this morass in some equally stupid way.