Friday, February 29, 2008

Hello ... Is Anyone home?

No joke: Hillary is running a new TV ad in Texas, in an attempt to get back in the battle. The ad is a dark ad that asks the question: If "The Phone" rings in the White House at 2am, with bad news, who do you want to be there to answer it and save your family from impending disaster?

It obvious question is: Hillary or Barack. It also clearly implies that Hillary would be much better prepared with her "great world political connections and background" than the other unnamed candidate.

My first thoughts were Hillary would be there in bed with Bill and two heads would be better than one. Can you see the potential flaw in my thinking?

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Universal Healthcare

Universal healthcare -> Universal nonsense

Barack and Hillary spent a full twenty minutes, in their recent pre-Ohio debate, trying to convince the American public that their particular flavor of universal health care was superior. Hillary make it very clear that universal health care was the heart of her political world.

This is all nonsense for two very important reasons:

  • We currently have a health care system in the United States that is far superior to any other country. Why do you think important non-American leaders come to the US when they have serious health problems? The answer is obvious - It's The Best! Everyone that needs health care in the US gets health care, whether they can pay for it or not.

  • The real problem with universal health care is simply this: We don't have the money to pay for it, regardless of how the candidates shuffle the beans under the cup. California crowed about how they were going to cover all Californians, but when it came time to vote it in, the chickens came home to roost and it became obvious ... no money ... no plan. End of the California mis-adventure. At least it was refreshing to see that some politicians "voted against it, before they voted for it," to mock another famous "old saying."

Let's get on with discussions that really mean something, like how to prevent the radical Muslim factions from disrupting the entire world, which they would dearly like to do.

Let's drop the NAFTA political posturing, also. In case you've missed it, NAFTA stands for NORTH AMERICAN Free Trade Agreement: NORTH AMERICA, like in Canada and Mexico. Where do we get most of our oil? Canada and Mexico. Where do we export most of our goods? Canada and Mexico. Who are our best trade partners? Canada and Mexico. If you listened to our liberal politicians, you'd think things would improve if we dumped NAFTA. Think again! NAFTA is very beneficial for the US economy ... and don't let some posturing politician change your mind.

Be careful what you wish for - You may get it ... and that would be a real disaster.

/r daisley

Monday, February 11, 2008

Speak Up For America

Soon we'll be able to discuss contemporary matters that are of the utmost importance to America.
Check back soon ... and check back often.
Unless your comments are totally offensive or slanderious, they will be willingly accepted.
The "High Ground" is always more productive than slogging it out in the gutter.