Monday, March 31, 2008

"Everyone Hates Us"

How many times have your heard this: "The problem with the US is everyone in the world hates us." It's a common mantra. Have you ever stopped to think about exactly who is "everyone" that hates us?

Maybe a few of the leaders in North Korea hate us. I wonder how many common folks in N. Korea hate us? (See the "Ps.", below.)

Maybe a few of the leaders in Iran hate us. I wonder how many of the US schooled students hate us? (See the "Ps.", below.)

Maybe a few of the leaders in China hate us. I wonder how many common Chinese hate us? (Ask someone who's traveled to China. See the "Ps.", below.)

Maybe a few of the leaders in Russia hate us. I wonder how many common Russians hate us? (See the "Ps.", below.)

France? I don't think so.
Canada? I don't think so.
Mexico? I don't think so.
England? I don't think so.
Australia? I don't think so.
New Zealand? I don't think so.
Scotland? I don't think so.
Germany? I don't think so.
Spain? I don't think so?
South Korea? I don't think so.
Japan? I don't think so.
... and on and on!

So who are these haters? It seems to me that those in the "everyone hates America" group are the one's that seemingly either don't have a clue as to what is happening in the world today or they are terribly envious. (Remember in high school: Who did YOU hate? Maybe it was the most successful person or the most attractive person or the person with the best car or most friends ... or the smartest kid in the school. Sound familiar?)

So maybe the next time you hear "Everyone Hates The US," pin them down: WHO is "everyone" and after they rattle off a list of haters, ask why. Listen to the list of nonsensical answers and relate them you your high school experiences ... it's just about the same thing, except on a worldwide scale.

"Everyone Hates America:" I don't think so!

Ps: If those in the "hate the US" countries got even the slightest chance to safely come to America, what do you think they'd do?

Pretty obvious, isn't it?

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

From Over The Horizon Comes The Sound Of ...

... Thundering Hoofbeats: It's "Candidates #4 & #5!"

Here's the situation report:

On one side we have running for President, a woman, not really liked by many, that seems to claim heritage for the White House along with a scoundrel for a husband that just happens to be an ex-president with stained pants, matched against a charismatic young black senator that has great oratorical skills, but few creds. I guess in Texas they'd say he's "All Hat and No Cattle."

On the other side, we have a seemingly competent gentleman that has reached the age where a beach home in Florida seems more appropriate and who fails to get the excited interest of his party ... but, it's the best they can muster.

It seems to me that the stage is set for The Lone Ranger (or Rangers) to ride in on his (or their respective) white horse(s) and proclaim: "Stop The Fighting" ... I'll Save The Day!"

Frankly, the sooner the better! I'm so tired of turning on the radio/TV/Internet/etc. and hearing an endless stream of "Barack said that Hillary ... "; "The Clinton's said that Obama ..." and-on-and-on-and-on-and-on-and-on-and-on.

So who will sit atop the stallion? (Just heard today the maybe Al Gore is strapping on spurs. If true, I personally hope the horse bucks him off before he get to the arena.)

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Ron Paul here ... Send more money

What's up with Ron Paul? He's "counting down" to the Texas and Ohio primary's ... and still asking for more money.

Obviously, extremely few have bought into his sophomoric campaign topics. The "tree-huggers" have embraced his ideas, but "tree-huggers" are no force in US politics or leadership.

The question in my mind is this: Is Ron Paul pulling off a scam? What happens to the millions of dollars left over at the end of the campaign? Could it be that the candidate can transfer the residual funds into his own personal account? It is my understanding that it varies from state to state. Some states do allow candidates to keep left over funds ... a nice way to sweeten retirement funds.

If I was a "Paulie," I would want know what is going on.

What raises eyebrow's is the question: With absolutely NO, ZERO, ZIP chances for success, WHY is he still asking for more money?