Sunday, January 10, 2010

What More Could I Have done?

This is a great video and one that I recommend as: Must See!

Reminds me of an old story:

One night, a runner came by a family's house, pounding on the door and yelling, "Get out! The dam has broken and you'll be washed away."

"No," said the man of the house, (why couldn't it have been the woman of the house?) "I don't think it will affect us."

Soon, the Sheriff's truck with a loudspeaker came by, screaming, " The dam has broken, evacuate immediately!"
The man of the house said, "I don't see any water, we'll be OK."

Soon, the water began to rise in the house ... quickly it was almost four feet deep.

Along came a man in a boat. "Jump in," he said, "before you're swept away."

The man of the house said, "I think this is about as high as it will get ... we're staying"

The water quickly rose higher, now almost to the ceiling, which forced the family up onto the roof.

Along came a helicopter and rescue crew said, "We here to get you to safe ground, get in now, before it's too late."

The man of the house said, "We safe here on the roof, it won't get any worse."

Sure enough, the water rose, swept the house way, and drown the whole family!
At St. Peter's Gate, the man bemoaned, "Lord, how could you have let this happen? My whole family died?"

"How did I let it happen?" The Lord asked.
I tried to save you:
I sent a runner ...
I sent the Sheriff ...
I sent a boat ...
I sent a helicopter ..."
What more could I have done???"