Friday, April 11, 2008


The Clinton's act like they have an "entitlement" to the White House ... and if everyone would just relax and stop "picking on Hillary," the coronation would would proceed as planned.

And, Oh Yes, she would bring about the changes we "need:"

1) A universal health care plan she botched a few year back ... and a plan there is NO WAY the nation can afford.
(The "Talk Is Cheap Plan.")

2) Start pulling the military life support out of Iraq and put not only our country in mortal danger, but also add great risk to the rest of the free world.
(The "I Know Better Than The Top Military Plan.")

3) Never mind that Bill and I have made over 100 Million Dollars since leaving the White House, we're going to help the poor.
(The "Talk A Good Story Plan" aka: "Say Whatever It Takes Plan.")

4) Promote honesty in government. Juice up the "Landing under fire and dodging bullets in Bosnia story," later admit it was error and now watch an out-of-control Bill, just yesterday, trying to convince us that Hillary was just tired and the "Bullets and Fire" fable really was true.
(The "I Can't Remember Plan" aka, "The Vince Foster Plan.")

5) Be there at "3AM, when the phone rings" to solve massive problems.
(The "Hillary - Give Me That Phone Plan."

6) Deal with troublesome world leaders when she can't even deal with her "Bill Problem."
(The "What Do I Do Now, Bill, Plan.")

Give me a break!

"The dinosaurs were the last to know they were doomed."

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