Monday, July 16, 2012

What is, "Being Political?"

Recently, a family member graduated from high school and will soon be on her way to college. She is a very charming and intelligent person. I like her a lot and wish her only the brightest future.

As a gift, I decided to risk giving her two books, both New York Times bestsellers, that I thought might help her define leadership and see what possibly is in store for her future.

I have subsequently learned that it is highly unlikely either book will ever be read because they likely are “political.”

What is “being political?”

Everything about our country, if not the entire World, is political and controlled by politicians. Every private individual, independent business, media outlet and both private and public schools and the military are operated within a corral defined by the current controlling political strategy. So the core of the matter is: Everything is Political. As time goes by, politics and politicians change the shape of the political corral … and the future of our country.

Generally speaking, the nation’s President, political leaders, and everything associated with it, define not only the current operating environment, but also the outlook for the future. Every four years a major election is held and the results of that election will mean something between continuing status quo, general improvement or total chaos. The voters choose.

How do intelligent voters choose?

Some choose because they want to vote for the person or party that seems to promise the most “benefits” to them for the least cost or effort. That group seems to be growing exponentially. Right now the current “Party de Jour” is actually running public ads suggesting that to sign up for more free benefits, i.e., Food Stamps and by doing so, they will actually “become more beautiful.” Really! Like they say, “Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder.” In this case, the “Beholder,” it appears, is the current political party, trying to tie more people to the “Give-away, apron strings” … and votes. Dirty pool!

Some choose because a candidate tells them that the country is financially out-of-control and benefits and excess spending must be cut back. The people paying for the “freebies” will vote for this person and the recipients of the “freebies,” will vote against that person. What a way to run a railroad!

And there are a hundred other reasons, too.

Here is where Political Rubber Meets The Road: How do you know what is happening? Does the person receiving excessive (and possibly undeserved) benefits really care who pays for the freebies? Do they really care if the money must be borrowed from China. Do many give a hoot if the country is falling off the cliff, as long as the iPhone, iPad, Twitter and Facebook are running smoothly? I have my opinion, what’s yours: _____________________?

Who cares, if you don’t run a business, that excessive government regulations are strangling businesses, both large and small. Who cares if the 10%’ers are paying 90% of the taxes and virtually 50% of the population is paying no taxes, yet receive the same benefits of those that do pay. Anyone care … expect the 10%’ers?

So: Back to the question, what is “being political?” I think “being political” is being very aware of what both opposing parties are up to. What are they saying “they will do,” or what will “those scoundrels” do. Unless you are aware of both sides of the argument, you are in no position to make good sound and rational choices.

With the World in such disorder as it is now, it is NO TIME to make your choice based upon skin color, eloquent speeches, the quantity of government handouts, what a TV “talking head,” Facebook buddies or college professors say. Anything less than a cursory open-mind peek into “The Real World,” as it is now is, in my opinion, less than acceptable. If it were a school grade, it would be a “D”.

Read, Listen, Ask, Question: Both sides of the political arguments … then make up your mind and vote. Anything less than that … don’t vote!

In other words: BE POLITICAL. Unless you and as many people as you can help make rational decisions, based upon realism, Life as we now know it, will not be the same in a very few years.

Ignore now at your own and the future generations peril.


The books:

“Killing Lincoln,” By Bill O’Reilly (Great book!)
“Ameritopia,” by Mark Levin (3000+ Amazon 4-Star ratings.)

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