Friday, October 9, 2009

OBAMA: Nobel Peace Prize Winner!

Now Obama joins such prestigious Luminaries as Jimmy Carter, as a Noble Prize winner.
If you put his Award in perspective, the depth of his achievements become very apparent!
G. W. Bush freed 20 Million people from the murderous captivity and terror of Saddam and the Taliban. His government gave more money to Africa health problems than any other government in the world ... Ever. No Nobel Prize.
Ronald Regan liberated millions of Middle European people from being butchered by Serbs. He also brought down the Berlin Wall. No Nobel Prize.
Well, here comes Obama and his accomplishments, which are ..... hmmm. (Well, maybe some later.) Oh, I forgot: He made a vain attempt to bring the Olympics (a.k.a Grab The Money) to his Chicago buds. Fell Flat On His Face!
All truth aside, this "Peace Award," is nothing less than an unabashed liberal endorsement for Mr. O and a restatement of "We Hate Anything Conservative." Another way it might be stated: "Obama you are doing a great job of dividing the US and destroying it's very fabric. Great Job! Keep Up The Good Work!"

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