Friday, February 13, 2009

The "Change" American's Have Been Waiting For."

How you like your "Boy President" now? He's sure dropped his clear & open governing pretty quickly! Here we have a 1,071 page, 8-inch-thick massive spending bill - the biggest in US history - which was railroaded through congress without a single congressman being given time to even read it.

What happened to his promise of posting important items on line and allowing time for "the American people to read and comment on it ... before any action would be taken?"
It has been my personal experience that when things are being pushed and rushed, it usually stinks ... and has something in it to hide!

Here we have all of our elected officials, being conjoled by the "Savior" and a few deciples to vote before reading.

I guess this is "The Change The American Have Been Waiting For.

Ps: I'm hearing that, although the senators can't answer many questions regarding what is in the bill because they didn't read the bill, some claim groups of their staffers did read it. Unfortunately, I didn't vote for the "staffers."
Haven't the senators severly critized the "dumb homeowners" for signing mortages that they hadn't read or understand? Guess what ... Congress just did the same thing!
A "Change" we can all be proud or "Business As Usual ... Or Worse!"

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