Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Suggestion For Your Presidential Vote

Realistically, anyway you look at it you have your choice of two candidates for President.

We're all hoping that whom ever wins will make America a better place to live and conserve all the benefits we have fought for since 1776.

We know that America is under attack, either overtly or covertly. Many that wish us harm are always looking for a "Window of Opportunity" to inflict grievous damage upon our nation ... hopefully, in their minds, damage so sever that it would bring the nation down.

May I suggest this when deciding who you are going to vote for: Ask yourself this simple question:

"Who would the terrorists most like to be the next President?"

If you think the radically inclined mischievous makers would prefer McCain ... vote for Obama.

If you think the radically inclined mischievous makers would prefer Obama ... vote for McCain.

Whomever you vote for, don't put in office a person that will appease the terrorists!

For me, at least, the answer is clear: It's between a fighting military man or a soft and fuzzy orator.


Bryan said...

I think basing your vote based on who terrorists might for for is just a bad idea. I would suggest basing your vote on the candidate who shares more of your values. ~Bryan

Roger Daisley said...

The "who would the terrorists vote for" is only a benchmark concept and not the trumping idea. In my case, however, it is all congruent.

(Funny thing, I heard yesterday that "the terrorists" would vote for McCain! I don't recall where that great tip came from, but it does illustrate how crazy the whole election campaign is.)