Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Conserative or Liberal: Where do YOU want to live?

LIBERAL: Marked by generosity; lacking moral restraint; broad-minded; not bound by authoritarianism or traditional forms; not strict; loose; largeness in the thing or amount given.

CONSERVATIVE: Tending or disposed to maintaining existing views, conditions or institutions; traditional norms of taste, elegance, style or manners; cautious or discreet.

(Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary)

It is now being reported that the liberal media has produced a porno movie (Yes! Porno movie!) starring a Sarah Palin look-alike! It is also being reported that the liberal community is all giddy over this new "movie" and is talking-it-up as a "must see" movie. (QUICK: Open the door ... I need to get outside to puke!)

Did you read what I just wrote? The liberal community can't wait to see this piece of $hit. While we usually can't control what other people do, the real story here is: I challenge you to find much condemnation of this travesty from the "open-minded liberals."

I pose this question: What you you think would happen if someone produced a porno movie starring a Barack Obama or a Michelle Obama look-alike? OH MY GOD ... I can't even visualize that one?

So, where do YOU want to live?

In a community with no standards, promise you everything you want, take from the hard working, job creating, upper-income earners and give to the under performing slackers, pal around with haters and terrorists and generally endorse an "anything goes" attitude? A constantly changing, unpredictable, possibly unstable or risky environment? "Wink" at outrageous behaviour? Mantra: We don't like it so we'll TEAR IT DOWN.

Or in a community where there are long-held standards of conduct; recognition of excellent performance; "teach a man to fish, rather than give him a fish;" hold a person responsible for reprehensible behaviour and "tell it like it is," rather than telling them what they want to hear. Traditional conservative values that you can count on from year to year. Mantra: We don't like it so we'll WORK TOGETHER TO IMPROVE IT.

Me: I'll take the latter.

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Anonymous said...

Hmmmm - interesting. Are you equating liberal with sexual deviancy through a Palin-esque porno? Just bear in mind - liberals didn't corner the market on sexual deviancy. John McCain cheated on his DISBALED wife with Cindy. Is he less a deviant because he ditched said wife and married the mistress? Is that a good example of conservatism (or 'elegant'?). The list of conservatives with sexual deviancy issues is actially pretty long. How many fabled great conservatives fell to the vices of whores, hookers and pornos???
I think the conservatives who shout the loudest and point the most at others, have the most to hide themselves...