Saturday, August 16, 2008

Family Time

R J Ranch, August 14, 2008
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We can learn a great deal from something as simple as a family of quail. To see this family strolling through our yard is a heart warming sight, indeed. Leading the family is "Daddy Quail," followed by the "kids," with "Mom" bring up the rear to keep stragglers in line.
We see this new family out looking for food, almost daily. Usually, they head for the garden to see what bugs and insects are available. Always, they travel together as a family.
My thoughts are: Why can't our modern-day families be as loyal, trusting and devoted to the well-being of everyone. Quail mate for life, so unless somthing happens, the parents stay together forever and raise each new family until they are off on their own.
If something scares the quail family, they seem to fly off, somewhat in the same direction, but always find their way back together again.
The World and it's Creatures are a wonderful experience!
PS: Don't even think about asking if you can hunt quail on the R J Ranch!

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Bryan said...

Good questions. Humans, and especially American families, aren't afraid to walk the other direction.