Thursday, July 3, 2008

Is "The Fix" in?

The following is from a good friend of mine who is a staff writer for one of the largest newspapers in the US. (NOT a liberal or conservative newspaper)
The observation made seems reasonable to me.
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Subject: re "president" item

The other night I watched some very smug OPEC types being asked if they would increase oil production. When they answered in the affirmative, the reporter next asked if they would bring down the prices and they laughted as if to say surely you jest.

I think they are doing this to ensure a certain person will be in the white house next year and after he's been elected they will lower the cost and all will go back to normal with "their man" leading the USA.


Bryan said...

Sounds far fetched to me, but you know, I can't rule it out. And frankly, if it gets my man in the white house, good for them.

Bryan said...

Except that I don't see how high oil prices would help Obama more than McCain. I mean, your post is at least some evidence that the right wing is more motivated by this than the left wing.