Saturday, June 21, 2008

Well ... DAH!

A poll this week indicates that 76% of the American people want off-shore and ANWR oil drilling to begin right now. Sounds pretty reasonable, doesn't it? After all, it is obvious that we are becoming more and more indebted to foreign countries that are not our friends.

The democratic presidental candidate say's: "No, we should NOT start increased drilling right now because (get this ...!) it would not change the price of gas at the pump RIGHT NOW." Well ... DAH!

It seems clear to me that, once again, the democrates would much rather CONTROL our lifestyle, rather than upset the tree huggers.


Bryan said...

Can you cite the poll? Link to it? I want to check it out.

Roger Daisley said...

It looks like I accidentally reversed the two numbers: It should be 67% ... not 76%. Either way, the conclusion is the same.

Reference: The Rasmussen Report

Anonymous said...

I worked for years near Prudhoe Bay.

There is one Eskimo village there, very small.

There are no brown bears there...too cold. They live south in the Brooks Rance.

Caribou come for berthing and hang out under the pipeline...the warmest place around...they love it.

Arctic foxes are year around residents. They will walk right up to you.

There are no trees there. There isn't much of anything there except Arco, Conoco and Sohio.

It is not a destination for tourists. There are no visitor facilities. It is pretty ugly in the major....good only for oil drilling.

So what do you want, $7 oil.

Get smart people.